Last Revised: 8. Apr. 2017

Workshop in a small space

This page is about the first workshop I ever built for my self - I've since gotten a little more room in a dryer and warmer place nearby so a lot the tools and materials are no longer in this workshop which is now mostly used for bike repair and small quick jobs.

However I think a got a lot out of this very small space so I'm keeping the page up for others who might be in need of solutions for getting the most out of small spaces.

The workshop is setup in a shed outsid our house and though there is not much room i manageed to cram af fair bit of tools, storage and worksurface in there.

The first version of the workshop

It's has been through a couple of iterations since the first version - first it needed to be moved to another wall to make better use of the space in the and later it had to be rearranged due to a moisture problem behind the toolwall. That problem did however become a blessing in disguise as the new layout let me have two tables rather than one, which is very good when both the kids are in there at the same time.

Image Image Image

I lost some wall space on which to hang my tools, but compensated by making a cupboard style tool wall.

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