Last Revised: 25. Sep. 2016

Mini electronics tool/storage box

Closed box

Sometime after I joined my local hacker-, makerspace, techshopishplace Openspace Aarhus I started needing a small toolbox for when I'm going there.

Parts and tools

It had to be really small, dependently hold electronic components, small parts and have room for a few tools(So I've got what I use the most nearby).

I looked around for while, considering different solutions, but nothing really hit the spot. Closest runner up was a plastic storage organizer - But the where either to big, would not close securely or had a wrong layout.

So I had an excuse to make something myself - I got the idea to hinge two boxes with the lids towards each other effectively making sure they will stay closed during transport. This also makes the footprint of the box smaller making it easier to fit in a bag. I found some cheap ones about the right size - The layout was wrong, but the plastic was fairly soft so I could easily remove the walls I didn't need using a knife and a chisel.

The boxes are hinged using velcro, which lets me take them apart I need to, and held together by a bit of webbing with velcro that hooks up a self adhesive patch of velcro. I've added some reference material inside the lids for quick access.

Soon after I got it loaded up with tools it ended up becoming the first thing I reach for when I've have to make small fixes at home as well. Like changing batteries in the kids toys or pulling splinters form fingers etc.

Parts and tools