Last Revised: 26. Sep. 2016

Workbench tool caddy

finished tool caddy finished tool caddy

I've slowly been building a workshop form the ground up for around 9 months - And this project is a part of that process. However it's a a part that I didn't expect to be needing in the first place.

My original plan for hand tool storage was to use a custom built chest of drawers - but as gradually brought moore and more tools into the workshop it became apparent that this approach wouldn't work It would simply require to many drawers or the drawers would become overfilled.

Another solution was needed. So I started thinking about how to solve the problem.

I had the following design criteria

Inspirede in parts by Adam Savage's notion of first order retriveability and google images searches for tool caddy, I soon had the basic idea for the caddy.

Next in the process was figuring out which tools i wanted to include and how to organize them. This meant a lot of lining up tools on the workbench and measuring how much space the need.

measuring screwdriver spacing Sketching the layout layout planning

Eventually I had a strong enough idea to start building. I started out by making the battens for the screwdrivers, hex keys and a few other things. After that I built the compartments in the back, mounted the whole thing in the frame and set about making the front part.

plier compartment In Progress

Lastly I added the mounts for the measuring tape, calipers and speed square.

The end result packs enough tools to fill the workbench but only takes up about 50x23 cm and sits in a corner of the bench I rarely use which used to be cluttered with stuff anyway.

tool caddy contents layed out